Dreams of Endless Spring

So I am continuing to do the 365 Challenge. It seems I will be doing them as four part series, with a common element uniting the four shots. The photos are not altered in any way. The frame is a hud and the colors and lighting are done with Windlight and Phototools. I use the Firestorm viewer. Here is a screen shot of what my screen looks like when I do a photo.

In the snapshot screen you can customize your image size. You can also choose to show huds, that is why the frame is visible in the photos. I am having a really good time with this. These photos were taken at the Pandora Box of Dreams. It is a lovely place, with plenty of things to explore. I hope you get a chance to visit and I look forward to sharing more of this project with you. Have fun!

These are the four I took, they have been composited, otherwise no post prossesing. Go to my Flickr to check them out individually.